Detailed Guide On How To Play Devil May Cry 5 Without Denuvo

Get ready to learn a new Devil May Cry 5 guide on how to play DMC 5 without Denuvo! This can be one of the best DMC 5 guides you shouldn’t miss if you are having trouble with Devil May Cry 5 characters. The main point of this guide is to help players who bought the game on Steam have an amazing experience without being disgusted by Denuvo. Provided that you bought Devil May Cry 5 on Steam, then this guide is totally made for you.

What was going on with Denuvo in Devil May Cry 5?

For your information, the Denuvo free file was not cracked by anyone, however, it is offered by Capcom.

It should have a connection to the QA’s team.

After the game was launched for several hours, you would see a public branch on Steam, utilized by the QA team to make sure that the quality of the game was stable.

The branch is not enciphered by Denuvo, so it should be public.

Thanks to the public visibility of the branch, the Denuvo free file is out!

Denuvo Free File Was Released In Devil May Cry 5 lazyload
Denuvo Free File Was Released In Devil May Cry 5

But this branch was removed by Capcom hours later. Click here for more! But, through Steam console, you can still easily download the Denuvo free file.

Denuvo vs. Denuvo free

Files diff:

Devil May Cry 5 Files diff: lazyload
Devil May Cry 5 Files diff

No one is able to adjust these files because all of them are signed by Capcom.

Devil May Cry 5 Denuvo lazyload
Devil May Cry 5 Denuvo

Performance diff:


Denuvo in Devil May Cry 5  lazyload
Denuvo in Devil May Cry 5

Denuvo Free:

Free Denuvo in Devil May Cry 5 lazyload
Free Denuvo in Devil May Cry 5

FPS from 74 to 93, around 20 FPS enhancement and more secure.

The author’s computer environment was the place that tested the data above.

How to off Denuvo in DMC 5

Step 1: First, you have to open the Steam Console. When you’re here, you must enter this address “steam://nav/console” in your browser. After that, the Steam Console will appear.

Step 2: Now, you must start downloading the Denuvo free file. Then, input this command in the Steam Console: download_depot 601150 601152 8448614996291133808. Then, you just need to wait for the downloading to be done.

Download_depot 601150 601152 8448614996291133808 lazyload
Download_depot 601150 601152 8448614996291133808

Step 3: You will overwrite the file at this step. DevilMayCry5.exe file(About 131,200 KB) will be found in the folder displayed on Steam Console (see the image below). After that, you must overwrite the DevilMayCry5.exe file(About 486,549 KB) shown in your Steam Devil May Cry 5 folder. There is a possibility for it to fail because of the game update.

DevilMayCry5.exe File lazyload
DevilMayCry5.exe File

Step 4: At this step, you will restore the file. In case the game cannot work or if it has some bugs after the file has been replaced, you can restore the file by using “Verification integrity of the game files”.

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