Everything You Need To Know About Devil May Cry 5 (Xbox One)

Devil May Cry 5 is one of the most popular action-packed games in Devil May Cry series. The game is finally available for players to download and install on Consoles, especially Xbox One. Let’s find out what DMC 5 game is about and learn some details about the in-game characters!

About Devil May Cry 5 on Xbox One

It’s been 10 years since the last launch of a numbered Devil May Cry game, Hideaki Itsuno partook in the stage at Xbox’s 2018 E3 Press conference to make an announcement on Devil May Cry 5. Although Ninka Theory’s 2013 experienced a reboot, DMC: Devil May Cry was criminally undervalued, Hideaki indicated his concern towards a squeal for the primary series. The latest chapter promises to be a fun, awesome, hack-and-slash action-packed adventure game that nobody wants to skip.

An Announcement Trailer about Devil May Cry 5

Players can get excited when listening to Devil Trigger – the main soundtrack of DMC5 that was on repeat since its E3 reveal. You can raise your hope again to come back to an adventure with the characters, such as Nero, the original Dante, and new protagonist V.

DMC 5 Gameplay

DMC 5 will take players through 20 missions and they can change back and forth between playing as Nero, V, and Dante. Nero finally makes his return since the appearance inDevil May Cry, and with Devil May Cry 5, he will take the leading role in the game.

Three protagonists in DMC 5 lazyload
Three protagonists in DMC 5

DMC2 campaign was divided into two playthroughs and mostly focused on Dante and Lucia – a boring and unnecessary character. DMC 4 in 2018 corrected this by making both characters, Nero and Dante, equally awesome to play, but the drawback was that players had to play the previous levels over and over again.

Keeping multiple characters balanced in DMC 5 is no longer a problem since the development team has finally found a magic formula for that. With their own specific and diverse capabilities, you will get a lot of amusement and excitement thanks to their awesome play patterns rather than being mad at each character swap. More than that, the levels of the campaign have eventually been adjusted in the most adaptable way.


There was a change made to the combat style of Nero from DMC 4, even though he is still utilizing his definitive flame-revving Red Queen Sword as well as Blue Rose Revolver. He is now equipped with a robot – Devil Breaker after his demonic arm has been forever gone. Devil Breaker has multiple models with different combat mechanics. For instance, the initial prototype Devil Breaker – Overture, releases strong shockwaves that dish out a huge amount of damage to weaker demons. Punch Line will be a Devil Breaker that you will unlock further in the game story, is known as a rocket fish attacking opponents, and Nero is totally able to ride it just like a jet hoverboard.

Nero in DMC5 lazyload   
Nero in DMC5

More Devil Breakers will be unlocked when you make progress through the campaign, together with using Red Orbs for extending the number that Nero is able to carry at a time, which is similar to when you use the same amount of money to purchase the brand new combat skills for three characters. Red Orbs now come back as the primary in-game currency that can be achieved from picking up kills and you can find out lots of red orb trees dispersed around every level. This is where the strategy element becomes effective. Thanks to multiple skills and weapon upgrades spreading across all characters, you will begin staying watchful in picking what to spend them on, which easily serves your favorite play pattern providing you with a reasonable sense of choice

Nero's Devil Breaker lazyload   
Nero’s Devil Breaker

The aspect of arranging your access also applies to assemble the Devil Breakers of Nero, which is also an unfortunate disadvantage. As well as being capable of purchasing separate kinds of Devil Breaker arms for refilling your magazine, several of them will be found when you make your way through every level. Devil Breakers are so weak, they can get broken after being obstructed throughout an assault, bearing a special move or triggering each one’s self-destruct, which substitutes the damaged armed with the subsequent one in the magazine. The issue is that not any Devil Break that you collect transfers to your magazine’s front. It is impossible to change between Devil Breakers until you can get the one you want to use. Through over time, this will become somewhat annoying restraint.

Nero using his Devil Breaker to take on enemies lazyload   
Nero using his Devil Breaker to take on enemies

Using the Devil Breaker in combat can be regarded as a joy. Nero can utilize its grapple feature to take foes towards you or conversely, which makes you able to release a lot of powerful combos to the enemies.


Dante is such an outstanding, robust and perfect character inDevil May Cry 5. Players can see his perfection when he partakes in combat. He is armed with swords and guns just like Nero. Dante generates a much bigger assortment of weapons growing bigger as more of the story opens out.

Dante in DMC 5 lazyload   
Dante in DMC 5

Dante possesses a lot of play styles that can be shifted between each other to improve his fighting: he uses Swordsman for melee attacks, Gunslinger for ranged attacks, Royal Guard for defense and Trickster for eluding. If these things are used with the right weapons at the right times, Dante can dish out such devastating assaults with his powerful weapons. The combos like swords can spin an enemy demon into the air, changing to the Cavalier bike, as well as utilizing it to run over its entire body.

Perfect Dante's combos lazyload   
Perfect Dante’s combos

Only just experiencing gameplay like this can be strong enough to make you more eager and you will surely take another playing turn even though you already finish the campaign, which will help you examine multiple extraordinary combinations that you can hope to earn Stylish ranking at the conclusion of every confrontation and task.

Out of the three characters in Devil May Cry 5, V can be the most enchanting and the mysterious one that causes a lot of curiosities to the players, especially his combat style which is in such a discrepant direction than the rest.

V in DMC 5 lazyload   
V in DMC 5

Because V is too weak to fight alone himself, he has three demon pets equipped and they will help him defeat foes for him. These pets are included: a black panther named Shadow for physical assaults, a demonic bird called Griffon for range, and Nightmare – a strong and giant golem-like demon summoned by V when his Devil Trigger gauge is full. While bringing the attacks together with all three to ensure the highest levels of damage and combat rankings, you need to also make sure that V will be able to elude any attacks coming to him. In addition, V is the only one that can dish out the last blow, having to eliminate all enemies before they recover, then withdrawing out of danger’s way again.

V's demon pets lazyload   
V’s demon pets

So much to take in at first! After several matches, nevertheless, out of the three, V rapidly becomes the simplest one to play because he only uses his patience in knowing when to avoid enemy attacks, and he is not too hasty in dishing out damage as well as waiting for that chance to deliver a deadly attack. These elements are regarded as the crucial key for V to win the battles.


Besides three principal characters mentioned above, enemies in Devil May Cry 5 also play an important role in the game. They are known as aggressive demons to fire, stab and attack to death. These enemies sometimes come in waves that you may feel familiar with other previous games. They will commence as just fragile demonic foot soldiers, but through over time, they will become more intimidating, stronger, and way tougher to cope with.

Creepy enemies in DMC5 lazyload   
Creepy enemies in DMC5

With a wide range of bloodthirsty beasties and bosses with discrepant attack styles, movement styles and weaknesses, your familiarity with the combat system develops together with the range of demons coming for your head. Finally, you are talented growing amounts of fulfillment as you get over the challenges of multiple swarms of enemies.

A fighting scene between a protagonist and enemies in DMC 5 lazyload   
A fighting scene between a protagonist and enemies in DMC 5

DMC 5 also witnesses a return of gold orbs – the revival items giving you a full recovery of health. These orbs have been always treated as a valuable resource in the previous games, but this time, the way they have been carried out obstruct their significance a bit. Regardless of being found rarely or being expensive to buy in past games, you will now have more chances to obtain these orbs. You can obtain them via one-day log-in bonus, stylist rankings or sometimes you can find at least one or two of them on each level.

Gold orbs in DMC 5 lazyload   
Gold orbs in DMC 5

The tolerance for failure of other DMC games, especially Devil May Cry 3, was much smaller. In spite of being disappointed by tough bosses with several gold orbs to count on as insurance, the nerve-racking challenge from the previous Devil May Cry’s is an iconic character of the best from the series. In order to make Devil May Cry 5 more and more tolerable, players will now have more fold orbs that they will ever demand in Devil Hunter, the toughest mode accessible prior to the campaign completion for the first time.

The story in DMC 5

Although DMC 5 mainly serves the players who are already fans of the series, it is still more open to the newcomers too. As can be seen from the title menu, there is a catch-up video that is totally able to get you up to speed on the occurrences in the game so far. People who are not familiar with DMC series, will probably get lost in the in-game story if there is not a huge amount of the series context.

Nero and his Devil Breakers lazyload   
Nero and his Devil Breakers

Right after losing his right arm, Nero rushes towards headquarters in order to revenge on new demon king – Urizen. After being compelled to withdraw with V after Dante and together put up with a merciless defeat, players will now follow the journey of these heroes separately and come together in collecting the good methods to beat the demonic overlord. All of three characters are equally excellent to watch as shared protagonists. Each of them is so talented in their own way.

Nico – a designer of Nero's Devil Breaker arms lazyload   
Nico – a designer of Nero’s Devil Breaker arms

Nico is a newcomer NPC in Devil May Cry 5. He is very smart and hilarious in his own way. Being known as a designer of Nero’s Devil Breaker arms, it gives the chance for back-and-forth with the young devil hunter, something that he didn’t have in Devil May Cry 4. Meanwhile, DMC 5 also witnesses the returns of Trish and Lady – devil hunters from the past games. There is nothing sure about if these characters play any roles in the game or not. Let’s wait for it!


You will surely feel enthralled on the first glance of the presentation DMC 5 has to give. With realistic graphics styles supported by the real-life models and fantastic clothes operating on Capcom’s own RE engine, you are immersed into a world where you could nearly see yourself in. Thanks to the modern facial expression technology with the usage of real-life people and objects, DMC5 has been taken to a higher level. Although in the subsequent tasks of the campaign, you will be confronted with several instances of the similar level designs, any of the rendered cutscenes will make any those grievances vanish away immediately.

A fighting scene with stunning effects in DMC 5 lazyload   
A fighting scene with stunning effects in DMC 5

Pros and cons of Devil May Cry 5


  • Amazingly varied and stylish combat
  • Three main characters that are all equally intelligent and talented.
  • A story that is a top-quality for all franchise fans.
  • Perfect visuals, stunning graphics, and wonderful soundtrack.


  • Impossible to change between Devil Breakers
  • The gameplay can become too easy due to many gold orbs.
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